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Amalia Rosenblum


Amalia Rosenblum is a writer and psychologist. Born in 1974, she spent her infancy at New York’s (in) famous Chelsea Hotel, and grew up in the Jewish-Arab city of Jaffa—a captivating and polarized environment that often features in her writing.


At eighteen, Rosenblum moved to New York, where she lived and studied for more than a decade. Graduating Class Valedictorian at CCNY, she subsequently took a PhD in Psychology from The New School for Social Research. Rosenblum began writing professionally at an early age; her novels have been published in several languages, earning both commercial success and critical praise.


A couples therapist, Rosenblum writes a widely read weekly column for the Israeli national daily Haaretz. Discussing insights from her work, the column explores hot-button relationship issues ranging from polyamory to the use of psychedelics in couple work.


Saul Searching, her most recent novel, was praised by the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot as “positioning Rosenblum in the top tier of Israeli writers.” Her literary output, which also includes two prime-time television dramas, is influenced by her professional work. Most recently, she was part of the production team for Hagai Levy’s HBO adaptation of the Bergman classic “Scenes from a Marriage”.

Novel: Saul Searching

Short Story Collection: Eeppies and Beeneenees

Amalia Rosenblum: Children

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