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Tamar Verete-Zehavi


A renowned children’s author and social activist, Tamar Verete-Zehavi lives in Jerusalem, the city of her birth. She has written almost twenty books for children and teenagers, most exploring issues relating to inter-cultural ties and human rights. She studied at University of Paris VIII, where she received a PhD for research into how children develop socio-political attitudes. For many years Verete-Zehavi has promoted initiatives for co-existence between Jews and Arabs. Together with Abedalsalam Yunis, she has published two bilingual children's books. Together, They were jointly awarded the Jerusalem Foundation Award for Furthering Tolerance in the City (2000). Her book Rosie’s Song was awarded the Devora Omer Award by the Israel Ministry of Culture in 2018.


A gifted writer with a unique voice, Verete-Zehavi’s previous books have been translated into German, Italian and Korean, and are hugely popular in Israel.


Winner of the prestigeous 2022 Dvora Omer Prize for her life's work in young adult literature.

Title: Diabolo Mint

Title: Rosie’s Song

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