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Tamar Weiss-Gabbay


A writer, editor, and screenwriter, Tamar Weiss-Gabbay writes for both adults and children. Co-founder and editor of the leading Israeli literary journal HaMussach, Weiss-Gabbay has initiated a number of literary-social projects, including The Israeli Women Writers’ Forum, The Street Libraries in Jerusalem, Two: A Bilingual Project for Arabic and Hebrew Contemporary Literature, and others.

Her books Babylonian Mythology and the children's book Vainana Chooses a King, both published in 2003, are based on Sumerian and Akkadian myths. Weiss-Gabbay has also written two fiction books for adults, Zeppelin (Keter) and Blind Spot (Ha’Kibbutz Ha’Meuchad).

Her children's books Tali Under the Table (Kinneret Zmora, 2020) and Just an Empty Field (Kinneret Zmora, 2022) were both selections of the PJ Program, with 120,000 copies distributed in kindergartens and preschool facilities across Israel. The PJ Program published special limited editions of both books in Spanish and Portuguese. 

Her picture book Tali Under Table was the Winner of the prestigious Dvora Omer award (2021), and her book The Thank You Tomatoes was sortlisted for the Jewish Children's Book Award (2022) 

Her picture book Just an Empty Field is shortlisted for the 2023 Sasa Setton Prize.

Title‭: ‬Tali Under the Table

Title‭: Just an Empty Field

Tamar Weiss-Gabbay: Fiction

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