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Yirmi Pinkus

An illustrator, novelist, and one-time opera critic, Yirmi Pinkus won the Sapir Prize for a Debut Novel in 2009 for Professor Fabrikant’s Historical Cabaret. The French edition of the novel was later shortlisted for the Prix Ulysse. Petty Business, published in 2012, was an Israeli bestseller, winning the Golden Book award of the Israeli Association of Book Publishers, and was adapted to theater. These two novels have been published in Italian, French and English.


A founding member of the Actus Independent Comics collective, Pinkus is a professor of illustration at the Shenkar College of Art and Design, Israel, where he has taught visual story telling for two decades. He is also an editor of picture books for young readers at Noah Books Publishers; in 2014, he received the Israel Museum Illustration Award for his picture book Mr. Fibber.


Pinkus, who lives in Tel Aviv, is widely considered one of the wittiest and most astute storytellers of his home town.

Novel: Way Too Lazy to Die

Literary non-fiction: Professor Fabrikant`s Historical Cabaret

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