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Hagai Dagan


Born in 1964 in Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz, Hagai Dagan is an Israeli writer and scholar. Educated in Israel and Germany, he received a PhD in Jewish Thought and Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University. He is currently head of the Israeli Culture department at Sapir College, Israel.


Dagan has published seven novels, four non-fiction books, and a volume of poetry. His body of work is anchored by themes from Jewish history, myth, fantasy and demonology, and their links to contemporary Israeli life and identity. Dagan was awarded the Levi Eshkol Literary Award in 2007 and the Geffen Prize for Best Fantasy Book in 2013


Marsh Angel is his first suspense novel.

Title: Marsh Angel

Literary Thriller

Publisher: Pardes

Year: 2020

517 pp.


Translation rights: World

Audio visual rights: World

Translation: Complete English translation by Itamar Toussia Cohen (shortened version)

He's sophisticated. She's deadly. He'll break all the rules for her.


Truth is an elusive thing. That's why everyone in the world of espionage is on its tail–and must sometime delve into very dark places to find and retrieve it.


The Mossad agent on the other end of the line wants Tamir Binder to return to active service, to help put to rest a ghost from the past. Tamir sees something else, though: the chance for closure with the Palestinian operative, beautiful and vengeful, who has obsessed him since his days in service with Israel’s elite Intelligence Unit 8200.


Torn from his everyday life, Tamir goes to Vienna to track down his adversary before she can fulfil her dangerous plan. But the search reveals something else: a secret that runs all the way to the highest ranks of government.

The sensational discovery, and the surprising reunion with the woman who has haunted his thoughts for years, set Tamir in treacherous territory, his back to the wall. This time, he is prepared to break all the rules. But will this bring the truth into the light?


An abridged English-language version of The Marsh Angel was published independently on the Amazon Publishing platform.



Critical Praise


Stirring, fluent prose



A rich, demanding and complex novel…the final part of this thick tome, set in Vienna, is especially suspenseful. Dagan is more interested in the ticking bomb of the story than in the ticking itself.



Good reads

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